Radical Wellness
Relentless Compassion
At the Center’s Audre Lorde Health Program, you will find a radical, new medical home. ALHP medical providers are trained to deliver care in a way that honors the way that you hold space in the world, recognizing how your various identities and values impact your health.

Welcome to your radical wellness and comprehensive care medical home. The Center’s Audre Lorde Health Program (ALHP) welcomes all those who have identified as women or girls on their journeys, centering those who are lesbian, bisexual, trans and queer.

From the front desk to your primary care provider, ALHP staff are committed to delivering care and support that honors your experience and individual needs, partnering with you to fulfill your health and wellness goals.

Services are offered for free or low-cost based on financial need. Accept Medi-Cal, Medicare, and most major insurance plans and some HMOs. If you need health insurance, assistance with health insurance applications available.